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Fianchetto is International Online Chess School for Kids from 4 to 16 years old. Today you can meet our pupils in more than 30 countries all over the world. Our school successfully teach children to play chess for more than 8 years. Feel free to join our community and improve your game with Fianchetto School!

You can start to learn chess as the beginner. If you already know how to play chess, our coach will schedule for you an individual plan based on your age and chess level.

All lessons go through Skype or Zoom with usage of professional chess platforms. The only thing you need to start your studies at Fianchetto is a laptop with good internet connection. We will provide all necessary materials for classes.

The training time is individual for each child. However to achieve good results, we recommend to practise with a coach at least two times per week. You can attend our Online School's Tournaments and play with other children from all the world.

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Chess Training For Kids Online

We teach to think

Today chess is one of the most popular and prestigious types of additional education in the world. We have been successfully training children chess for 8 years. Our pupils take part in chess tournaments and show great results.

Chess Basics

Knowledge of chessboard, its geometry and chess pieces, study of various checkmate techniques, analysis of different ways to implement material advantage.

Strategy and Tactics

Work with elements of position estimation, chess techniques and forced moves. Understanding of the role of chess pieces on the board, their strengths and weaknesses.


The concept of sacrificing in chess. Study of combinations to get something bigger in return. Many chess puzzles to perfect vision of combinations on the board.

Analysis of games

To achieve good results in chess, it's important to see your mistakes and understand the exact reason of your defeat. Here comes the coach who will prompt in time how you could play in one position or another.

Opening repertoire

Whoever you are, a beginner or an experienced chess player you need a good opening repertoire. Proper opening-playing games is not an easy task, but we will guide you through so many openings to find yours favorite!

Psychology behind chess

Chess is a mind game. When you sit at the board, it is just you, your thoughts and your emotions. In such a scenario having the right psychology is of utmost importance to all players, especially children.

Advantages of online education

Time saving

You don't waste your time, money and effort on the physical class session. To start a training you just need to Turn On your laptop and call your coach. Online Education is totally worth the effort.

Comfortable atmosphere

During the training your child feels comfortable and safe in his or her home. Your child concentrates on studying the new material and is not distracted by conversation with other kids.

Cheaper price

The price for our online classes is cheaper than for face-to-face lessons with a coach. The School's Tournaments are absolutely free for all pupils! This pleasant factor is quite important since professional chess training requires considerable investments from parents.

No borders

Wherever you are living, you can be part of Fianchetto School! We teach children chess worldwide, which is especially important for Russian-speaking kids who are growing up abroad. We teach Russian & English.

Chess classes for kids online by skype

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Laptop or Tablet with internet connection.
2. Skype or Zoom to connect with a coach.
3. Good mood and desire to learn new things.

You can reschedule or cancel a lesson if your schedule changes (doctor's appointment, school event, birthday, communication problems and other valid reasons). Just contact your coach in advance to reschedule a lesson. Your subscription is renewable and your classes never expire.

It depends solely on you. You can choose the amount of lessons per week for a child by yourself. However, we recommend to practise 2 times a week. It's the best option when your child has time to complete his homework and does not get tired of training.

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Founder of Fianchetto Chess School

Meet the coach

Tamara Bellis is the mentor and the coach of Online Chess School Fianchetto for kids over 4 years old

Chess coach & arbiter

Tamara Bellis

Candidate Master of Chess, Author of Chess Books for Children, Multiple winner of team competitions and personal championships in rapid chess, captain of MGUP chess team.

I started playing chess at the age of seven, at nine I became a Champion of the Mirny district. After many years of training and competitions, I started teaching children chess.

Having over 17 years experience in playing chess, I realized that all Chess Rules are applicable in real life. When we learn to play chess, we learn to make the right moves not only on the chessboard, but also on our everyday life.

Join our Online School and improve your Chess skills with Fianchetto!

Tamara Bellis is the mentor and the coach of Online Chess School Fianchetto for kids over 4 years old

Chess coach for children from 6 years old

Takin Hasani

2052 Fide rated chess player, Iran Schools Championship Gold Medalist, Captain Of Mehregan Chess School Team, Under 16 Tehran Silver Medal, Under 18 Country Blitz and Rapid Bronze Medal

In Fianchetto I train players from the beginner to advanced level. My mission is to grow not just champion young chess players, but holistically well-rounded individuals equipped for lifelong excellence.

I improve the general understanding of the game of children and create personalized and advanced opening repertoires for them. I specialize in openings and will show a lot of classic beautiful games to your children.

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