Our school is open for kids from 4 years old to 15. You can start chess training as the beginner. If you already know how to play chess, the trainer will shedule for you individual study plan based on your chess skills.

All you will need is Skype at your laptop. For the fast start you should have chess, notebook, pen and desire to learn.

Training time is selected based on the schedule of the child and parents. It's recommended to spend at least four hours a week with chess to achieve great results. The optimal format of classes - twice a week for two hours.

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Teaching chess online at Fianchetto School for kids over 4 years old

Directions of Chess School Fianchetto

We teach to think

Today chess is one of the most prestigious types of additional education in the world.

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Chess Basics and Chess History First steps

Familiarity with the chessboard and pieces, study of various techniques of mate, analysis of ways to implement material benefits.

Components of the strategy and tactics Chess Concepts

Work with elements of position estimation, chess techniques, the forced moves. Understanding of the role of chess pieces on the board, their strengths and weaknesses.

Study of chess combinations Originality and beauty of chess

The concept of sacrifice and its application in practice. Combinations to achieve different kinds of benefits. Training exercises to perfect vision of combinations.

Joint analysis and analysis of games Work with a coach

To achieve good results in chess, it's important to see your mistakes and understand the reasons of your defeat. It is the coach who will prompt in time how to play in one position or another.

Opening repertoire for black and white Landmark in a chess maze

Every beginner and, moreover, an experienced chess player need a good opening repertoire. Proper opening-playing games - not an easy task, but feasible with diligence and zeal.

Psychological confrontation Psychology of the chess game

Chess players often face fear and anxiety during the game. In order not to fall into the psychological trap and feel confident, we pay attention to psychological stability.

Determining the level of the game
Addressing gaps
Hard training
Tournament appearances
Work on the bugs
Long-awaited victories
Note to parents

Advantages of online education

Time saving

You do not waste time, money and effort on the way to the chess section or club. To start training just simply turn on the computer and go online.

Comfortable atmosphere

During the lesson the child is in his safe territory and feels comfortable at home. This way he concentrates on studying the material and is not distracted by conversations with other kids.

Low price

The price for an online lesson is less than for face-to-face lessons with a coach. This pleasant factor is quite important because professional chess training requires considerable investments from parents.

Sense of responsibility

For a child every lesson is an opportunity to use a computer and feel himself as an important part of the educational process. This kind of the learning format brings up in children a sense of responsibility.

No borders

Wherever you are living, you can be part of our school! We teach children chess around the world, which is especially important for Russian-speaking children growing up abroad.

Individual approach

We select the appropriate way of learning based on the child’s preferences, mindset and age. The main task of the coach is to find an individual approach to each pupil of the school.

Chess classes by skype online

Frequently Asked Questions

You can reschedule or cancel the lesson if your schedule changes. For example, bad state of health, doctor's appointment, school party, holidays or any problems with Internet connection. To do this, please contact the coach and pick up another convenient time. Your subscription can be extended upon presentation of documents confirming that during this period you could not attend the lesson (doctor's certificate, railway or air tickets, visa stamps in your passport). However we are super flexible and will never make you problems.

You can schedule a lesson any day of the week from 9:00 to 19:00 Moscow time. Depending on the trainer's schedule, we try to offer the most optimal training hours. To change the lesson time, contact the trainer and set a different time or day of the week.

The best option is two individual trainings per week, as well as attending group classes and tournaments in the city where you are living in.