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Fianchetto School is International Online Chess School for Kids All Over the World. Today you can meet our pupils in more than 30 countries. Our school successfully teach children to play chess for more than 8 years. Feel free to join our community and improve your chess skills with Fianchetto!

Our Story

Fianchetto School was created long time ago, much earlier the day when Online Education became as popular as today. We were among the pioneers who promoted Online Chess back in 2012 and believed in its success.

Time went by and we were growing with it. We gained experience, learned from mistakes, and got better. By going through such a long journey, today Fianchetto is one of the leaders of Online Chess Schools for children all over the world.

We have reached the International Level and nowadays we use Modern Technologies to its maximum. Our students are modern children who grow up in a Digital Environment and we always try to keep our approach fresh, kind and positive. Whatever is happening in the world, we successfully integrate into changing conditions and provide the Best Service to our pupils and their parents.

Chess Training For Kids Online

A Word from the founder

Tamara Bellis is founder of Online Chess School Fianchetto for kids from 4 years old

Head of Fianchetto Chess School

Tamara Bellis

Creating Fianchetto I couldn't even imagine that it would grow into such a serious and large-scale project. My first goal was to share my knowledges with students and show to them how powerful and beautiful is Chess. Step by step Fianchetto teaching methodology was founded, Textbooks were written and numerous creative ideas were realized.

Since 2020, Fianchetto School has expanded its subjects and now, in addition to Chess, we teach Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic and Brain Fitness. We put the main emphasis on improving the intellectual abilities of children and growing their thought processes. Our task is to provide each child the necessary set of knowledges which will lead him to success.

As the Head of Fianchetto, I will be honored if your children join our school and experience all advantages of our Modern Online Education System.

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