Online Chess School Fianchetto

About our work

Online Chess School Fianchetto is combination of IT and love to chess. Nowadays chess training is available for kids all over the world. We teach our pupils to build a train of thought so as to win.

Online Chess Training

If earlier it was possible to play chess only by enrolling in the city club (if there was one), now the situation is completely different. From the usual group classes, children move to individual training with a coach. A lively presence is no longer necessary, as modern technologies present unlimited opportunities for education.

Our school proposes to combine the child’s interest in IT with chess. Today's children grow up in a digital world. That's why we're integrating into changing conditions with a high skill.

At any convenient time

It's recommended to spend at least 4 hours a week by learning chess to achieve good results.

Optimal training format - twice a week for one or two hours.

You can schedule a lesson any day of the week from 9:00 to 19:00 Moscow time. If you want any other time - just send us a personal message and we will inform you about possible options.

Chess classes at any convenient time

Set of a chess player

Classes are held by Skype. To start training you will need:

  • chess
  • laptop
  • notebook
  • pen
Chess lessons online by Skype


Plus of learning chess online is the availability of training from anywhere in the world. Through online education, children progress in two areas of science at once - IT and chess.

Convenient Chess Lessons Online

Mentor and founder of the chess school

Meet the coach

Tamara Bellis is the mentor and the coach of Online Chess School Fianchetto for kids over 4 years old

Chess coach

Tamara Bellis

Candidate Master of Chess, multiple winner of team competitions (women and children boards), winner and medalist of the personal championships in rapid chess, captain of MGUP chess team.

I started playing chess at the age of seven, at nine I became a champion of the Mirny district. After many years of training and competitions, I turned to teaching children chess.

Having over 17 years of experience playing chess, I realized that all the rules of a chess game are applicable in life. When we learn to play chess, we learn to make the right moves, not only on the board, but also on the path of life.

Chess coach and arbiter

Work experience

2012 - 2014

Moscow State University of Printing Arts

Coach at the Department of Physical Education and Sport
Captain and coach of the university chess team


Chess School "64 fields" (Moscow)

Coach for kids from 4 to 10 years old


House of Culture Lunacharsky (Moscow)

Coach and arbiter
Chess lessons for kids in groups from 7 to 12 years


Secondary school № 1240 (Moscow)

Coach and arbiter
The youngest group for kids from 4 to 5 years old using MacBook Pro
Senior group for kids from 6 to 8 years

2015 - 2016

Meine Schule (Germany)

Chess Coach in groups and individually