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Chess Team Battle Fianchetto School vs Dikep

Chess Team Battle Fianchetto School vs Dikep

Fianchetto School and DIKEP Ano Liosion (Athens, Greece) are organizing a Friendly Children’s Chess Battle for kids under 10 years old. The tournament will take place on April 11 2021 on LICHESS.ORG. Participation in the tournament is absolutely free.

The tournament will be held according to the "Arena" system. It will last 90 minutes. Time control - 7+3 (7 minutes for a game with 3 extra seconds for each move)..

Details and registration

Exciting lessons

Exciting lessons

The studying program is so diverse that there will be no time to be bored.

Comfortable shedule

Comfortable shedule

Online classes allow us to adjust virtually any desired time. We're flexible!

Individual approach

Individual approach

Depending on the kid's age and chess knowledges we will shedule personal training plan.

Certification for Students

Certification of every pupil

Every year we present certificates to all pupils who have completed various stages of study.

  • Why to learn to play chess?

    Logical thinking

    By playing chess your child can learn to think not only abstractly, but also logically. Considering a lot of available options on the chessboard during the game, he need to choose the one and only correct move and even to predict what the opponent will answer back.

    Logical thinking at online chess school for kids Fianchetto
  • Why to learn to play chess?


    Chess helps children to improve independence and determination. Inspired by the game, your child will learn to think and to concentrate. He will get many useful skills such as calculation of various moves and its consequences, forecasting and the ability to make the correct steps. At the same time, he is forming not only mental abilities, but also personality traits of character.

    Concentration at online chess school for kids Fianchetto
  • Why to learn to play chess?

    Memory training

    It is known that professional chess players have different visual memory from most people. That special skill can be gained by many years of chess training and will remail with a player for a lifetime. For example, Magnus Carlsen, in an interview on 60 Minutes, said that he has memorized 10,000 chess games. When he was 2 year old, he was able to recite all the major car brands of Norway. At age 5, he memorized all the world’s countries, their flags, and their capitals.

    Memory training at online chess school for kids Fianchetto

Pupils of Online School Fianchetto

Today you can meet our pupils in more than 15 countries all over the world. Our international school successfully teach children to play chess for more than 8 years.

Our pupils Anna
Our pupils Emily
Our pupils Katya
Our pupils Sofia
Our pupils Anastasia
Our pupils Timofey
Our pupils
Our pupils Luka

We teach to think

Today chess is one of the most popular and prestigious type of additional education in the world. We have been successfully training children chess for 8 years. Our pupils take part in chess tournaments and show good results.

Chess Basics

Knowledge of the chessboard, its geometry and chess pieces, study of various mate techniques, analysis of different ways to implement material benefits.

Strategy and Tactics

Work with elements of position estimation, chess techniques and forced moves. Understanding of the role of chess pieces on the board, their strengths and weaknesses.


The concept of sacrificing in chess. Study of combinations to achieve different kinds of benefits. Training exercises to perfect vision of combinations.

Analysis of games

To achieve good results in chess, it's important to see your mistakes and understand the exact reason of your defeat. Here comes the coach who will prompt in time how to play in one position or another.

Opening repertoire

Whoever you are, a beginner or an experienced chess player you need a good opening repertoire. Proper opening-playing games is not an easy task, but feasible with diligence and zeal.

Psychological confrontation

Chess players often face fear and anxiety during the game. In order not to fall into the psychological trap and feel confident during the game, we pay attention to psychological stability.

More than 500 students successfully passed the Fianchetto certification in 2020

More than 500 students successfully passed the Fianchetto certification in 2020

At Fianchetto we are focused on the result, so at the end of the school year, all our students received personalized certificates of successful completion of chess training in various steps. Our youngest pupils completed study of chess basics, while the older ones have successfully mastered the basic types of chess combinations and classic openings.

Our certification is divided into levels and is a direct confirmation that every young chess player of our school receives a lot of knowledges during the school year, regularly completes homework, masters new levels of the game and passes all the tests to be awarded for the appropriate certificate and proceed to the next stage of chess theory.


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