Interesting lessons

The studying program is so diverse that there will be no time to be bored.


Convinient shedule

Online training allows us to adjust virtually any desired time. We're flexible!


Individual approach

Depending on the kid's age we are ready to shedule personal training plan.


Modern techniques

We study chess by using IT, mobile apps, e-books and newest gadgets.

  • Why chess?

    Logical thinking

    By playing chess the child can learn to think not only abstractly, but also logically. Considering the options on the board, he need to choose the only correct one and to predict train of thought of the opponent.

    Logical thinking at online chess school for kids Fianchetto
  • Why chess?


    Chess helps children to improve different characteristic, which are independence and determination. Inspired by the game, the kid learns to think and to concentrate. He gets very important skills such as calculation of various moves and its consequences, event forecasting and the ability to make the correct steps. At the same time, he is forming not only mental abilities, but also personality traits of character.

    Concentration at online chess school for kids Fianchetto
  • Why chess?

    Memory training

    It is known that professional chess players have different visual memory from most people. This skill is created by many years of training and remains with a person for a lifetime.

    Memory training at online chess school for kids Fianchetto

Chess progress

Useful skills

Concentration 90%
Intelligence 95%
Bravery 85%

Chess career

Professional player

Regular and serious chess lessons with a coach can reveal the hidden talent in a child. By participating in competitions and winning awards, you can achieve the level of a real pro.

Chess activity

Possible events

  • Chess Tournaments
  • Chess seminars and courses
  • Simultaneous play sessions
  • Summer Chess Camp
  • Game by correspondence or online

Pupils of Fianchetto chess school

Anna from Germany


Emily from Canada


Kate from Russia


Sofia from Russia


Anastasia from Germany


Timofei from Russia


Stepan from Russia


Masha from Russia




Artem from Russia


Alexey from Russia


Our pupils from Russia

Pupils after the class


Directions of Chess School Fianchetto

We teach to think

Today chess is one of the most prestigious types of additional education in the world.

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Chess Basics and Chess History First steps

Familiarity with the chessboard and pieces, study of various techniques of mate, analysis of ways to implement material benefits.

Components of the strategy and tactics Chess Concepts

Work with elements of position estimation, chess techniques, the forced moves. Understanding of the role of chess pieces on the board, their strengths and weaknesses.

Study of chess combinations Originality and beauty of chess

The concept of sacrifice and its application in practice. Combinations to achieve different kinds of benefits. Training exercises to perfect vision of combinations.

Joint analysis and analysis of games Work with a coach

To achieve good results in chess, it's important to see your mistakes and understand the reasons of your defeat. It is the coach who will prompt in time how to play in one position or another.

Opening repertoire for black and white Landmark in a chess maze

Every beginner and, moreover, an experienced chess player need a good opening repertoire. Proper opening-playing games - not an easy task, but feasible with diligence and zeal.

Psychological confrontation Psychology of the chess game

Chess players often face fear and anxiety during the game. In order not to fall into the psychological trap and feel confident, we pay attention to psychological stability.